Addiction. If we look at the word itself, we find that it means losing ourselves to a habit. We lose our own voice in place of something destructive.

Perhaps it started as a fun experiment and then resulted in something that caused problems. Perhaps it caused problems from the very beginning. Either way, if it’s causing problems in your ability to carry out daily responsibilities, have healthy relationships, or causing legal problems it’s time to seek help.


Before engaging in psychotherapy for addiction, you should be sure that you do not need medical intervention first. If you’re unsure about this, talk with your medical doctor.

Once you start the process of recovery, you will begin to work to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Addiction impacts all three, and the recovery process address each of them.

The treatment process may include exploring ways to reduce harm caused by your use. For some, their goal is abstinence. However, recovery is much more than just being sober. Recovery means living our lives fully and genuinely by treating underlying issues.

Many people experience emotions like shame and guilt. This can be a result of having recognized the impact our behavior has had on our lives and on others. Perhaps it was present before the substance use or behavior was a problem. Throughout your treatment, you will work to reduce these emotions.

Twelve Step Participation

Some people choose to participate in 12-step groups as part of their recovery. 12-step groups are free and frequent. You meet anonymously in a room with other people with lived experience who you can relate to.

To benefit from the 12 steps, you do not need to identify with a specific religion. It only requires that you recognize the benefit of a connection to something greater than yourself. Through a connection with something other than your drug or behavior of choice, you begin to live a more meaningful life.

For some, 12-step participation is enough. For others, they begin to realize that there are underlying psychological problems to address before they can live their lives fully.

Is a 12-step group the only option for social support? No. There are other possibilities for those who have difficulty identifying with the 12-step philosophy. Refuge Recovery is one such option.

Take Action

Continuing in a familiar pattern is comfortable, and stepping out of that feels disorienting. However, change is possible. I provide individual therapy to treat addiction in Chicago. I look forward to exploring the best way to assist you on your journey to wellness and recovery.