I provide supervision for new social work clinicians working toward independent clinical licensure. 

Supervision is an important and valuable process. Supervision helps new clinicians ensure they implement best practice for clients.  It is a remarkable opportunity to grow and learn as a treatment provider. 

Many agencies provide on-site clinical supervision. However, many do not. In other situations, the supervision is inadequate. In these cases, clinicians must seek outside supervision.

Requirements for the Illinois LCSW

New MSWs or LSWS must work for 3,000 hours under the supervision of an LCSW.

NASW-IL provides the following guidelines for obtaining your license:

  • First, get a job in the social work field. You could work at a paid or volunteer job, but you must gain practice experience. Clerical experience does not count. Your work must consist of client contact or administrative work directly related to client contact to count toward your licensure.
  • You may work part-time (15–30 hrs/wk) or full-time (30–40 hrs/wk).
  • Next, Meet with your supervisor(s) a minimum of four hours per month to discuss client cases and treatment procedures.
  • You may have different supervisors at different times, provided they’re all licensed appropriately.
  • If supervised in a group, no more than five clinicians can participate.
  • A supervisor who works for your employer or one you retain privately may provide your supervision.


NASW has established some guidelines and best practices for social work supervision. We will establish and agree upon a supervision contract and track your progress toward licensure together.


The fee for clinical supervision is $75 per week. Make a payment via the link below in monthly installments.


To inquire about availability for clinical supervision, please e-mail me.